convert json perline to panads data frame pandas format custom date in data frame


bash forloop parameter expansion prompt confirmation in bash


disabling foreign key when importing dump postgres audit log trigger postgres naming trigger set a column with value from different table


dgraph docker compose whitelist ip


docker compose make sure postgres is ready before starting other service


checkout last branch force fail commit on master git finish helper script delete current branch and update master git mergetool and diff with p4merge global gitignore file intellij as diff and mergetool push only current branch reset email multiple commit worktree switching branch without stash


default math.rand.source is thread save while source is not


view secret


clearing up swap space connect bluetooth device from cli get full argument from a process removing old kernel symbolic vs hard link zfs auto snapshot zfs external backup drive with snapshot and encryption


dnssec ldap list users


checksum a file from a url cluster ssh in iterm2 with i2cssh list open port manage clipboard easily with jumpcut pipe output to clipboard with pbcopy and pbpaste show hidden file sign application with self certificate starting program on startup with login items


react named export vs default export react useeffect react.useref


bulk renaming multiple file convert pdf to text using ocr diff output of 2 command encryption with gpg extend letsencrypt certificate with dns challenge ffmpeg monitor and restart stream when it hung or stall file size older than x days filtering json with jq find out what is using swap fish environment variables from 1password formatting or parse json in command line get all line except n last one grep print only matched jq extracting properties to arrays from json row line keep n recent item in folder open last command in the editor with fc parsing epoch timestamp to date pbcopy alternative for copying to clipboard process pipe operator record a web stream to youtube regex for validating password rename tmux window repeat content of text x time replacing last command and execute it reusing last command argument send slack message from command line sending curl post with file sort file inline specify compression level in tar gzip zsh ctrl p same behavior as up arrow


paste yanked text on command buffer