filtering json with jq

jq is a fantastic command line tools to parse and filter json in command line. It works for linux, osx and maybe windows.

example, to format json

$ json='[{"genre":"deep house"}, {"genre": "progressive house"}, {"genre": "dubstep"}]'
$ echo $json
[{"genre":"deep house"}, {"genre": "progressive house"}, {"genre": "dubstep"}]

$ echo $json | jq .
    "genre": "deep house"
    "genre": "progressive house"
    "genre": "dubstep"

To output a particular field

$ echo $json | jq '.[].genre'
"deep house"
"progressive house"

To filter based on a key

$ echo "$json" | jq -c '.[] | select(.genre | contains("house"))'
{"genre":"deep house"}
{"genre":"progressive house"}

more example could be found on here

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