bulk renaming multiple file

There are couple of way to rename multiple files.

From http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/1136/batch-renaming-files

example we have files


And we would like to rename it to


with for loop

this works with linux and mac without installing anything

for f in *.png; do mv "$f" "${f#image}"; done

With ZSH

This is my favorite way since I'm using ZSH and oh-my-zsh. Check it now, it's awesome

$ autoload zmv
zmv 'image(*.png)' '$1'

or let zsh automatically define $1, $2 etc

zmv -w 'image*.png' '$1.png'

Using your editor

for more complex operation, sometimes it easier to rename the file on your editor.

there is qmv from renameutils

$ qmv *.png

it will open editor with 2 columns, you can edit the right size rename that file

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