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intellij as diff and mergetool

Setup idea script

First, you need to set up idea script by following the instruction here
If you are using mac, make sure you add -W on the open script as follows (see this issue)
open -Wna "IntelliJ" --args "$@"

setup git difftool & mergetool

open .git/config (or your global gitconfig file)
tool = intellij
[mergetool "intellij"]
cmd = idea merge $(cd $(dirname "$LOCAL") && pwd)/$(basename "$LOCAL") $(cd $(dirname "$REMOTE") && pwd)/$(basename "$REMOTE") $(cd $(dirname "$BASE") && pwd)/$(basename "$BASE") $(cd $(dirname "$MERGED") && pwd)/$(basename "$MERGED")
trustExitCode = true
tool = intellij
[difftool "intellij"]
cmd = idea diff $(cd $(dirname "$LOCAL") && pwd)/$(basename "$LOCAL") $(cd $(dirname "$REMOTE") && pwd)/$(basename "$REMOTE")
Explanation about LOCAL, REMOTE, BASE from stackoverflow
  • foo.LOCAL: the "ours" side of the conflict - ie, your branch (HEAD) that will contain the results of the merge
  • foo.REMOTE: the "theirs" side of the conflict - the branch you are merging into HEAD
  • foo.BASE: the common ancestor. useful for feeding into a three-way merge tool
  • foo.BACKUP: the contents of file before invoking the merge tool, will be kept on the filesystem if mergetool.keepBackup = true.
idea merge syntax
idea merge <path1> <path2> [<base>] <output>